• PIRAMIT ARCHITECTURE was established by Architect Turgut Toydemir in 1961 in Istanbul.

• In the early 1960s, the office was particularly focused on housing projects. Later, official administrative buildings and industrial complexes have been added to the portfolio.

• From early 1980s onwards, private and public large scale architectural and urban projects have been realized as well.

• As per today, over 1000 projects covering education, health, sports, tourism, accommodation, administration, commerce, social and culture, and multifunctional building with total surface of construction more than twenty million square meters have been realized in Turkey and abroad.

• Considering architecture as an ‘art of problem solving’, PIRAMIT ARCHITECTURE deals with all project aspects as a whole, starting at strategic planning level and running down to architectural implementation details.

• The specialist teams of PIRAMIT ARCHITECTURE has 50 years of experience in providing project management and coordination services.

• Apart from in Turkey, PIRAMIT ARCHITECTURE has projects in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhistan, Turkmenistan, Romania, Sudan and Algeria.